Fancy Being a DWF Brand Ambassador?

The well-paid role offers many perks and benefits!

DWF is a business law firm with a distinctive approach and they are looking for enthusiastic and proactive students to act as ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to build the DWF brand on City University campus.logooo

Becoming a Brand/Campus Ambassador is a fantastic way to learn how a law firm works, whether you’re a good fit for them. You can build a network of contacts across DWF, get some experience and earn some cash, all whilst you’re at University!

As the deadline to become DWF Campus Ambassador (2017-18) nears, City, University of London Law Society catches up with the City Law School student who has held the successful role this year

Ayesha Sayeed has been a Brand Ambassador for DWF at City, University of London, City Law School for the last academic year. She shares her experience and how you can become a Brand Ambassador for 2017/18.

City Law Soc: How did you land the Campus Ambassador role?

Ayesha: I applied just after my second-year exams. It was an online application which required a 500-word answer, and then I was invited to an interview with a member of the graduate recruitment team. A few days later, I got a phone call saying that I had landed the role. The rest is history!

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Ayesha Sayeed


City Law Soc: What are the main things you have done as a City Dwf Brand Ambassador?

Ayesha:  I attended the City Law Fair with the graduate recruitment team and two current trainees. I was able to help the team in making students aware of the DWF brand, and the strengths and successes of DWF. I also organised a commercial awareness and networking event at the DWF London Office where many City Law students attended. They listened to a presentation and then were able to directly interact with members of the firm. I have also created a Facebook page (@citydwf), amongst other utilising other online media platforms to spread awareness of DWF on campus. I am also constantly engaging with the graduate recruitment team.

City Law Soc: What are some of the perks and benefits?

Ayesha: Being a brand ambassador has meant that I’ve learnt first-hand about the workings and structure of law firms, which has been great for my commercial awareness. It has also helped me to enhance vital skills any future trainee (and any graduate!) requires: organisation, presentation and communication skills, amongst much more. But I have also been able to network a lot more with City Law Students and also within DWF and has helped me to build connections which I can now maintain through LinkedIn.

City Law Soc: What’s your least favourite thing about being a Campus Ambassador?

Ayesha: Initially it was daunting to have to promote events/the role to auditoriums full of hundreds of students. However having done this throughout the year, has really made it a much less daunting experience. I really am happy to speak in front of large groups of people now; the role has developed my public speaking and been a confidence-booster.

City Law Soc: Do you have any advice for City students applying for the Dwf Campus Ambassador role next year?

Ayesha: I think the role is a great way in preparing yourself for graduate life because of the skills and connections you can create. The DWF team, in general, is extremely supportive and encouraging, so even if you may feel a bit apprehensive about the types of responsibilities you are taking on, they really do ease you into it and provide you with the right environment to really do well as a brand ambassador. So, as long as you are passionate about DWF, and are happy to interact with many different individuals, then you can be sure to do a brilliant job.

Many thanks to Ayesha Sayeed for this insightful interview!

Dwf is looking for bright, creative students who are highly active on campus to represent their law firm at City, University of London. Find out what they’re looking for here.

Sound interested? Then apply for the role here. 

Have a read of Kahroba Kajouri Dwf Campus Ambassador (2015-16) testimony and why she would recommend it. 

If you have what it takes to become a Brand Ambassador, you have until the 31st of July to apply.

Good luck!

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