Could You Be This Year’s Legal Cheek Campus Ambassador?

Keep Calm and Apply to Become a Legal Cheek Campus Ambassador.

Legal Cheek is the UK’s leading news source for junior lawyers and law students. They regularly publish interesting content of legal news, cheeky commentary and careers advice.

Legal Cheek is seeking a Campus Ambassador for the academic year 2017-18 at City, University of London, City Law School.legalcheek

As the deadline to become Legal Cheek Campus Ambassador nears, City, University of London Law Society catches up with the City Law School student who has held the successful role this year.

Edin Imsirovic has been a Brand Ambassador for Legal Cheek at City, University of London, City Law School for this academic year. He shares his unique experience in the interview below and tells us how you can become a Campus Ambassador for Legal Cheek.

City Law Soc: How did you land the Campus Ambassador role?

Edin: I landed the role after I saw the advert on Legal Cheek’s Instagram. Going into media is something I’ve always been interested in and I thought it would be a really interesting opportunity. Since Legal Cheek is well known in the legal sphere and has a huge following in law schools, I thought it would be the perfect moment. I emailed a copy of my CV and a cover letter to the Legal Cheek team and found out I got the part a couple of days later!

Edin Imsirovic – Legal Cheek Campus Ambassador (2016-17)

City Law Soc: What are the main things you have done as a City Legal Cheek Campus Ambassador?

Edin: My main responsibilities have been promoting Legal Cheek on Campus. I have done this by updating the Facebook page (from memes to vacation scheme opportunities) and trying to get many people from City to attend the Legal Cheek events. I’ve also corresponded with the Legal Cheek team every now and then through emails in respect to the content being promoted. I’ve also had to represent City and present an award at the first annual Legal Cheek Awards which was a really awesome experience!

City Law Soc: What are some of the perks and benefits?

Edin: The main perk is going to the Legal Cheek Events which have all been really excellent. My favourite was definitely the Commercial Awareness Session for the US Presidential Special and it was awesome to have City’s John Stanton as one of the main speakers on the panel. The other panellists included attorney and LSE honorary fellow Jeffrey Golden (who founded Allen & Overy’s US law practice), former Law Society president Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, Mayer Brown senior associate Jessica Walker and Junior US Lawyer Robert Cooney. It was a really insightful and interesting event and it was really cool to see lots of familiar faces representing City over there!

City Law Soc: What’s your least favourite thing about being a Campus Ambassador?

Edin: Honestly none! I’ve had a really good time doing it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to do it.

City Law Soc: Do you have any advice for City students considering applying for the Legal Cheek Ambassador role?

Edin: My first tip would be make sure your CV is the best it can be when you apply. I’d also say ensure you have good interpersonal and communication skills because at Legal Cheek events you really need to come off as professional and personable, irrespective if you’re talking to the Legal Cheek Staff, trainees or students on campus. You will be representing and be the face of City Law School and obviously, you want to come off as well as you can. But just be confident and apply, and enjoy it!

Many thanks to Edin for this insightful interview!

Sound interested?

If you’re studying at The City Law School and you’d like to represent Legal Cheek at City, particularly in respect of their careers events and Journal section, drop them an email at for some more information. They currently have 33 ambassadors representing them at universities across the country including Bristol, LSE, Nottingham and King’s.

Legal Cheek is partnering with the London office of leading US law firm Shearman & Sterling to hold an exclusive debate about the General Election for student – with 60 free spaces up for grabs – apply now! 

If you’ve missed a Legal Cheek event(s), reviews are written by City law students and can be found on

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