Volunteering with Victim Support

Looking for something to do over the summer to boost your CV?

Why not gather some experience by volunteering at your local Victim Support – an independent charity for people affected by crime and traumatic events in England and Wales. As a volunteer, you’ll be providing emotional and practical support to those affected by crime.

Sound interested?

You can register your interest in volunteering here.  

Have a read of Ross Simmons personal experience with VS via Solicitortobe blog.

Source: Volunteering with VictimSupport

Good luck!


What is Commercial Awareness?

Commercial awareness is desired by most employers, especially by city law firms but what exactly is it?

Warwick Law Careers Blog

We all know you need this if you’re going to secure a graduate job. It’s up there with the list of key attributes, team-working, communication skills, attention to detail, analytical ability, but what does it actually mean? How do you get to be “commercially aware” and how do you display it?

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No Vacation Scheme?

So Summer 2017 is finally here and you haven’t bagged a vac scheme? Don’t panic, have a read of top tips!

In this article by Warwick Careers Team is listed with ideas you can do with your time this summer such as travelling, volunteering or getting a summer job.

Warwick Law Careers Blog

Many firms have now determined the outcome of applications for summer vacation schemes and some of you will be celebrating one or more offers. Congratulations! Others (many!) will be licking wounds and wondering what to do next. This isn’t a disaster but now is a good time to think about the summer.

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Law Students: Not Sure What To Do Over The Summer?

So law exams are finally over and Summer 2017 is nearly here… 🌻🌞 not sure what to do this summer? 
Here’s a useful article from University of Warwick’s Careers Blog which will hopefully give you a few ideas.

Warwick Law Careers Blog

The summer is nearly here. I didn’t put a jacket on to come to work this morning and the university has that pre-exam feel – which is a much less nice mark of summer. In just a few weeks academic work will be over for the year. Fantastic. But what are you going to do with all that time?

Relax? Chill?

Lizard Ho Chi Ming City300 This Lizard joined me at breakfast for my holiday in Vietnam last year

Of course you want to do some of that. The exam season is gruelling and you’ll need to give yourself some nice treats and a bit of a break to recover. A holiday is definitely called for, but ideally this shouldn’t be extending over the whole summer period!


Didn’t get an internship?

Most people don’t. It’s particularly difficult to get one in your first year and they’re in short supply for those further on in degree courses too…

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Tackling an Assessment Day Case Study

Insightful article on how to Tackle An Assessment Day Case Study by Adam Hunter – President of University of Bristol Law Club & Future Trainee Solicitor at Clifford Chance.

Bristol Law Club Blog

contribution by Adam Hunter, President of the Law Club

For many firms, a key part of an assessment centre is a case study exercise. This will often accompany a competency or strengths-based interview and even a negotiation or written exercise on the day. Depending on the firm, they can come in a variety of different formats and I would recommend that before arriving at the assessment day you know how you are going to be assessed.

However, the basic structure of a case study exercise is that you will be given a business scenario to analyse. When analysing the scenario, you should aim to extract as many commercial issues as you can. It is important to remember these exercises are not designed to test your legal knowledge but to find candidates who can locate potential practical issues for the client and the firm. You will then have to present the issues you have…

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